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You are looking for customized solutions in the field of medical testing systems, measuring stents and dental implants, optical surface analyses, high precision applications or outstanding simulator hardware?

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In terms of "eSports Driving Simulations" we're just developing some professional pedal sets and shifters (sequential and H-Pattern). Stay tuned, the prototypes are in the final stage of evaluation!

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Certiga is an innovative company close to industry and scientific organizations. We act as a developer, service provider and outsourcing partner for customized products and solutions with outstanding requirements.

We are specialized in high precision optomechanical applications in the field of medical engineering and customized driving simulator hardware.

Our customers are players and universities in the medical device-, laser- and automation technology and well known racing teams with the need of customized driving simulators.

With our various experiences, our specific analyses and the ambition to find always the most effective and efficient solutions, we intensify your competitiveness with our products and services significantly.

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Optical Inspection

Length Measurement

Strut Dimension Analysis

Wall Thickness Measurement

Surface Character Analysis

Surface Defects Analysis

Pattern Matching Algorithms

Stent Products

Fatigue Analysis

Recoil Measurement

Dogboning Test

Flexibility Analysis

Bond Strength Test

Crush Resistance Test

Dental Products

Tribological Analysis

Micro Tensile Test

Chewing Simulation

Toothbrush Simulation

Polimerisation Analysis

Thermocycling Test

Simulator Hardware

Static Frameworks

Motion Frameworks

Professional Pedal Sets

Handbrake Units

Professional Sequential Shifters

Professional H-Pattern Shifters

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