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STENT-VISION 3000 - Automated Stent Measurement System
The STENT-VISION 3000 stent measurement system was developed to automate and enhance the stent quality management.

The strut width and stent length are measured fully automatically. Additionally the wall thickness can be measured manually at any stent position.

The stent is recorded optically and the appropriate strut will be searched and measured by using the parameters learned during the teaching process. Every desired stent model can be added to the database system. The teaching process must be performed only once for each stent model. Then it is possible to measure a single stent or the entire lot sequentially.

The STENT-VISION 3000 searches the appropriate struts in both directions (rotational and axial) fully automatically. Furthermore it is possible to measure only necessary struts according to the drawings directly at the proximal, medial and distal stent position by using the integrated PMD-Function.

The results of every single stent are recorded and are provided in a detailed html-file after the measurement process. Strut widths out of the limits given by the technical drawings are specially marked.

With the STENT-VISION 3000 it is possible to use multiple user accounts with different user groups. Only administrators are allowed to perform the system calibration, to teach new stents, to administrate the reports and to create and delete user accounts.

The operating status of the STENT-VISION 3000 is indicated by different colors and flashing intervals on both sides and at the front of the system.

Available STENT-VISION 3000 - Modules:

  • Module S (Outer Diameter 1,20 - 1,60mm, max. Stent Length 54mm)
  • Module M (Outer Diameter 1,60 - 3,00mm, max. Stent Length 76mm)
  • Module L (Outer Diameter 3,00 - 5,00mm, max. Stent Length 98mm)

Technical Specifications:

Electrical potential: 24V DC / 4A

PC-connection: 2x USB 2.0, 1x IEEE1394

Optical resolution: <1,5µm/Pixel

Illuminant: LED

Storage temperature: 10-40ºC

Operating temperature: 20-35ºC

Humidity: 10-70% (not condensing)

Environment: Low-dust environment

Ambient pressure: Atmospheric pressure

Dimensions: 400mm x 400mm x 535mm (w x d x h without transportation handles)

Weight: approx. 55kg

Operating system: Windows XP SP2 and higher, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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