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Stent Measurement
Radial Force
Recoil and Dogboning
Bond Strength
Material Testing
STM-3015 - Stent system testing "flexibility" according to DIN EN 14299:2004 7.3.3

The stent system testing flexibility according to DIN EN 14299:2004 7.3.3 consists of the verification of a sufficient flexibility of the stent system.

The testing system simulates the anatomic vascular conditions. The smallest possible radius that doesn`t affect the functionality of the stent system has to be determined.

The Flexibility-Testing-System of Certiga simulates a progressive bending vessel. The stent system will be brought into the mock vessel until it starts losing its functionality. The minimum bending radius at this point is optically recorded.

At the end of testing all data is transferred into a database system and can be integrated individually into existing quality management systems.

Technical Specifications:

The specifications are renewed at the moment and will be shortly available again.

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